H2H-Teens Programs

H2H-Teens offers a variety of programs to help our teenagers become leaders in their community. These programs are run by trained and certified staff and volunteers, interns and volunteers who want to make a difference in people's lives. Our three Key Programs and Services are listed below

Parent Project ® - Proyecto de Padres

Parent Project ® Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior and Loving Solutions are the only program of its kind in the country, in that it focuses on the most destructive of adolescent behaviors. H2H-Teens Offers this in both English and Spanish combined with Teen's Success Program and Children's "CARE" program.

Teen's SUCCESS Program

Our Teens "Success" program offers Mentoring, Life-skills and Leadership Development.
Teens learn essential leadership and job skills to help them better serve their community, work in teams and gain skills for their first job. Teens are joined by local professionals who mentor them, and in our evening class, they work together as a team to prepare and serve dinners to their parents and siblings. Activities follow with the goal to learn effective skills to grow as leaders.

Children's "CARE" Program

Our Children's CARE Program is more than just childcare, it is a place to learn, become a community and prepare future leaders.
While parents are learning effective tools for their teens, We offer a safe and loving environment for childcare program where children learn about similar topics and their parents such as showing love in a family, dynamics and family values, better behaviors, traits of bullying and our responses as leaders, how to say NO to Drugs, choosing the right friends, goal setting and staying in school. Children are thought quality virtues for their lives and future; encouraged to be leaders and to make a different in their community.