June, 2019.

New Parent Project Class celebrate families as they complete class in Sunnyvale, CA.

“Celebrando Familias” , 2019 Graduates from Sunnyvale CA

“Celebrando Familias” is often in the cover of our invitation.  H2H-Teens, Gateway Neighborhood Center, Trinity Church, and Sunnyvale PAL all partner to bring another successful class to our community.

Class is offered in Spanish to local families in need.  And parents learn how to deal with difficult situations with their children such as truancy, school grades, and drugs.  Our local Safety Officers join to teach parents about what is happening in our community and to teach the parents drug prevention.

“This class is not meant to scare you, but to educate you”, officer explains.

“We will give you the tools, ‘heramientas’, but it’s up to you to use them”.


Parent’s often responses include comments such as:

“This class has truly help me and my children”

“I am so grateful for the tools given to me”

“I now feel more educated about my teens live”.

Classes are typically offered in Spanish for local parents.  Classes in include a Children’s CARE program, and a Teen’s Leadership “Success” program.